Writing a Warranty Letter

Description of Warranty Letter

When we buy a product, it usually comes with a warranty letter that expresses the terms and conditions of repair and replacement in case of malfunctioning.

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These letters express times of warranty and what can be replaced or repaired. At the same time there you will find the necessary information as to how exercise the guaranty. A letter of warranty is usually send within the package of the product directly from the factory, but sometimes stores offer an extra warranty of their own. In case you have a broken product and you want to claim for your warranty, you should write a letter of warranty claim.

In order to write a letter of warranty you may follow some steps that are explained below:

1- In fact, there is no strict way to write this type of letters. A warranty letter can be either a document or a personal letter addressed to the customer.

2- The most important part of the letter is the information about the product. First of all, you should detail the product’s name and serial number.

3- Also, specify the terms and conditions of the warranty, especially date of expiration and what can be fixed or changed. Be reasonable about this, a very long warranty is not recommended.