Writing a Vacation Letter – Sample N°2

Who uses it?

Employees use vacation letters in order to ask their supervisor or boss for some holiday period. They need to be written in a formal style, as they are not simple paperwork.

How to write?, Recommendations

When writing a vacation letter, the employee should take into account that his/her contract may include a clause that states he/she cannot go on holiday unless a certain period of time has passed since the last holiday break.

As it is a letter that is sent within the company, there is no need for stating the employee’s address at the start of the letter, although the employee will need to include his full name, department where he/she is working and his/her employee number.


  1. The employee must start the letter by saying his details, so the receiver of the letter can identify who is writing to him.
  2. Then, the employee needs to state the reason for sending the letter. Mention here that you are asking for some vacation time, and state the dates on which you want to be on holiday.
  3. It is helpful to mention the last time that you had some vacation time, as it will give the impression that you are a hard worker that does not take holidays every month.
  4. Use a formal writing style and be thankful on your writing. Remember that your boss can choose not to give you the holiday period you desire. Always finish with your name, direct company phone number (if applicable) and your signature.

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Vacation Letter