Writing a Recommendation Letter – Sample 2


Professionals that are mentoring or helping a younger professional getting a new job, for example, usually write recommendation letters. Before starting writing the recommendation letter, you should get information about what is it going to be for.


Focus the letter on the most appropriate scope. If it is going to be a recommendation letter for a job, focus on the professional skills of the candidate. If it is going to be for a promotion, focus on how can the candidate improve the system, along with the expertise that him/her has gained through the years.

It is recommended to familiarize you with the role that the candidate is applying for. This will help you match his/her skills with those that the role is searching.

Also, try to gather as much information about the candidate as possible, as talking about someone you know is much easier than doing it about someone you barely know.


When writing the recommendation letter, use a formal style. It is a document that may change someone’s life, and it should be written as carefully as possible. It is good and appropriate to write a brief introduction giving some information about how did the two of you met.

Be honest. And we really mean it. Do not write that the candidate can do something that he cannot do, as it may be proven later and your reputation may be affected.

Try not to be too brief and use a positive closing to end the letter. Encourage the receiver to get in touch with you if he/she needs more information about the candidate and even ask for an update on the application. This will show that you really care and that the candidate is worth the time.

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