Personal Reference Letter

Description of Personal Reference Letter

To recommend someone for a job you need to write a personal reference letter.

Tips – Recommendations – Personal Reference Letter

Here you’ll stand out abilities and skills that the person possesses to help him/her get the job. To write this kind of formal letter, follow the recommendations that are presented below.

1- Be honest throughout the letter. Remember that the person you are writing about is looking for a job and that does not mean he or she has to be perfect. Many times admitting weak points is a positive attitude.

2- Take into account that employers know what they are looking for and can easily recognize when someone is not saying the truth. So keep up to the point and do not exaggerate the abilities that the person being recommended possesses.

3- Make sure you know what specific skills and abilities will be taken into account. Try to find out this before sending the letter. Remember not to give unnecessary information.

4- At the same time, state how long you have known the person in question and on what circumstances. Give examples of factual experience of the person on his or her activities.

5- Sign the letter as you are responsible for the person who is applying for a job, for your experience and professional relationship with him or her.