How to write a Vacation Letter

vacation leave letter

Brief Introduction ¿How to write a Vacation Letter? Before you end your vacation plans, first request a vacation based leave of absence from your employer. It is common that companies offer a paid vacation time as a form of benefit of employment. Whether you request just a few days or […]

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How to write a Letter of Resignation

letter of resignation

Brief Introduction When we are about to quit our job, some companies may ask us for a formal letter where we inform them about our resignation, so all the proper documentation may get started so when that glorious day comes all is ready. Steps It’s very easy to make a […]

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How to write a Letter of Responsibility

letter of responsibility

Brief Introduction The letter of responsibility is the document in which the person who writes it makes a commitment to be responsible for the things that can happen to him, this can by financial or injuries. Recommendations Usually, this type of letter is used to exempt a company from harm […]

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How to write a Complaint Letter

complaint letter

What is a Complaint Letter? It’s a letter that is used to make a complaint or claim about a product or service that has left us unsatisfied or does not match the price that was previously agreed. Introduction Once expectations have not been met we have no choice if we […]

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