Hold Harmless Letter Sample 2

Hold Harmless Letter

Description of Hold Harmless Letter A hold harmless letter or agreement (also called, waiver or release of liability) allows somebody performing some kind of service in your house or in your property to limit their legal permit or liability. It is a document that, in rather specific terms, prevents any […]

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How to Write a Friendship Letter

Friendship Letter

Description of Friendship Letter In rare situations we may write a letter of friendship. It might sound old fashioned but the truth is that sometimes a letter of this kind maybe needed. Tips – Recommendations – Friendship Letter For example when we have done something wrong and we wish to […]

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How to write a Breach of Contract Letter

Breach of Contract Letter

Brief Introduction If you need to write a breach of contract letter is probably because you will not continue working but there is a signed agreement. This kind of letter shows the receiver our will to be separated from the contract conditions. Steps Here’s a guide for those who want […]

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How to write a Justification Letter

Justification Letter

Brief Introduction Justification letters helps to explain the reasons why our or somebody request should be take it on count. Most of the time helps to obtain the request. This type of letter can be used in almost any field for example at the army when they are requesting for […]

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