Office Letter

Description of Office Letter

As a form of communication especially used to give information to somebody outside of your organization, office letters are documents that contain useful data for offices that belong to different companies or organizations.


The headings and the end notations are one of the most important and basic parts of these letters.

1. They should be courteous, polite and professional, because they are considered to be a reflection of both the business and the author. Besides, they ought to be written in a formal format and have a neat and clean appearance.

2. In general, office letters have some appropriate writing styles that are rather specific, that is to say, the modified block style (center alignment) and the full block style (aligning the entire letter on the left margin). For that matter, you can create a frame of white space around your letter to use margins (two inches are considered a great place to start).

3. When it comes to the address, remember to spell out as much as possible, without shortening any detail or at least use the standard postal service abbreviations.

4. Some people decide to include a line with references to other previous correspondence or pertinent information, such as a customer number or a piece of advice.