Writing a letter – Sample N°2

Brief Introduction

When writing a general letter, some rules still need to be followed. Although there are many styles on which a letter can be written, general rules apply for all of them.


First of all, we need to write down the details of the receiver on the top left corner of the page. This includes the full name and address.

On the top right corner we should write our details: full name, company (if applicable) and address. The date will be placed right under it, on the right side of the page.

After that, we can start writing the letter. The first thing is to use the adequate opening. It is not the same to write a letter to a friend that to an employee, for example.

About the content

It should be divided in several paragraphs:

• First paragraph: Introduce yourself (if needed) and explain the reason for sending a letter. This should be a short paragraph that goes straight to the point.

• Second – third – fourth paragraphs: Use the following paragraphs to explain all the information in detail. Use as much space as needed, but try not to use very long paragraphs (up to 4 or 5 lines each is a good size).

• Final paragraph: Use it as a closing and include information such as contact details (email, phone number, address, etc).


The bottom of the letter must include the appropriate closing salutation, your full name and signature. Try to keep the same writing style all along the letter and try to send it on the same day as you write it.

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