Job Recommendation Letter

Description of Job Recommendation Letter

First of all, it is important to say that people who ask you to give references for a future job in advance expect you to give positive and useful feedback on their performances.

Tips – Recommendations – Job Recommendation Letter

After all, they are applying for a certain position, so it is never a good idea to write a letter with mediocre tips or details or to avoid explaining your true intentions (in this sense, it is better to just politely decline).

A “generic” job recommendation letter is written to work as a general reference to show to interviewers in a job interview if asked so.

It is not specifically designed for somebody. On the other hand, another type of job recommendation letter is a result of the candidate giving your name. So, the potential employer will want to know if you actually recommend that person, and why.

1. Always begin your letter by stating how you first met the person.

2. The arguments in favor should be based on personal observation about technical skills, and also social skills.

3. As a boss or an employer, you will probably be writing several job recommendation letters. So, it is a good idea to write a blanket letter that the applicant can show all his or her potential employers.