How to write an Order Letter

Brief Introduction

    An order letter has the purpose to place and order the purchase of any item or supplies. Before any company or individual place an order letter, they need to know exactly the product they are going to order, any details, and also very important, the cost of it, and the price of the delivery if the order it’s going to by send to us by mail or any other company dedicated to the delivery of package.


    The next thing we need to know it’s all the details of the purchase, like conditions or benefits we can get from the purchase, refunds or extra charges, anything that the seller can offer or ask.

    Now that we have the correct information, we can start to write the letter.


    First, like all formal letters we will put the date, address, and name of the recipient.

    When we star to write the letter we will start it with a formal manner, this is, using Dear Mr or Ms, follow by the name.

    We can use two or three paragraph to form the letter, if we pick three then we will use the first one to make a little introduction of ourselves, the second to explain all the details about the order, and finally the last one will by use to ask any question we may have or just clarify again our order.

    If we use two paragraphs like in the example, then we will skip the introduction and we will go straight to our business, we will talk about the order and we will confirm any detail and formally ask for the order.

    Although the example does not show a phone number, it’s good to add your number in the bottom of the letter, this why the buyer can contact you if necessary.


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