How to write an Office Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write an office letter

Office letters are use to send information to outside a public or private organization.

Tips and Recommendations

This types of letters a commonly use to send only official information, this is why is important to always know the correct way to make one, if one of this letters is not make in the correct form then it will leave a bad impression of the organization where it was created.

Office letters are use to send a wide variety of information, it can by for a simple request to an important confidential information, but all following a special format that we will explain here.

Before we can start to make our office letter we need to know in detail all the information we will transmit in order to explain ourselves better, this will guaranty that the recipient will understand our letter.

Well now to start to write our letter, first like any other official letter we will start with our address in the upper right side, along with the name of the organization we represent.

Then we will write the recipient address in the left side of the letter, in it we will add the name of the individual to whom the letter is addressed.

We will start the letter with Dear Sr or Madam, Mr or Ms.

Now the main body of the letter, it can be made up of 2, 3 or more paragraphs, all depends of the information we will need to send, but in any case we will start our firths paragraph will a brief explanation of the purpose of the letter, in the next one we will explain in detail all the information so the recipient can get all the information he needs.

In the last paragraph we will write a brief summary of our letter.

To close our letter we can write “thank you for your time” follow by “I look forward to your reply”, of course this is just and example.

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