How to write an Invitation Letter

Brief Introduction

    The invitation letters has the purpose to request the presence of a person to a ceremony, party or event. There are 2 types of invitation letters, first a business letter and second a friendly invitation, in both cases the purpose is to let a certain individual know about any event and the information he may need to get there.

What’s the point?

    We will first explain the purpose of the business letter, this is to invite people to a certain event where normally the company holding the event will show a new product or a new store in some cases, it may also by for introducing new important people, but the most usually purpose it’s to present to the public a new product that they hope will by know after the event.

    The friendly invitation letters its use to invite people to parties, weddings, ceremony’s, etc. in this case the why we write the letter can by less formal than the business letter,

    So now that we know when we can use this type of letter it’s time to learn how to write them, first and like any other letters we will start with the name of the company or family, follow by the address, a few lines after that we will add the recipient name, address and the position he may hold in his job, if the letter is for business.

How to Write? – Steps

  1. Start the letter with a Dear Mr or Ms.
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. After our introduction we will briefly explain the reason of the invitation.


    In the main and maybe only paragraph we will explain in detail the reason of the party or event, we will also show any information of the items that will by show if that’s the reason of the event, or explain information of the persons hosting the party in the invitation is friendly, of course we will add the date and time.

    Also in both cases we will close the letter asking if we can expect their presence, and tell them that it will by good to have them on the party or event.


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