How to write an Intent to Vacate Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write an Intent to Vacate Letter

For those who do not own their own homes but rent, you should know that the lease is very important.

Tips and Recommendations

The dates during which the tenant must remain in the house are described in the contract and any breach can be severe. Anyway, you are able to send the owner of the apartment or house a note of warning in case of a tenant decides to leave before the date of termination.

This is an intent to vacate letter and it should not bring further problems to the tenants. This letter does not mean a breach of the contract, this must be discussed with the owner in a future meeting.

To write an intent to vacate letter you may follow some tips as we mention below:

1- Remember this is a formal letter, an advice to the owner of your house that you are leaving within a period of time.

2- Make sure you send the letter with at least a month before leaving the property. Also, write the exact date of your departure in the letter.

3- Express the reasons why you have decided to abandon the property, for example for economical reasons or a trip.

4- If possible ask for a refund or a future meeting to talk about the contract.

Intent to Vacate Letter sample

Intent to Vacate Letter