How to write an Inquiry Letter

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How to write an Inquiry Letter

We live in the era of technology and the Internet. But sometimes it is not enough to send e-mails, because it can be casual and distant.

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So sometimes we have to send a formal letter, such as when we have to send an inquiry to a company, a hotel or an institution, among others. An inquiry letter is one used to ask for specific information about a product, a service or whatsoever. It is a formal letter by which we make an inquiry about something in particular.

If you are about to buy a product for instance and you need an explanation about some aspects or ask a question about its functioning, this letter will be useful for you.

There is not fixed model to write a letter of inquiry, but you can follow some items explained below.

1- Start your letter with a proper introduction and present yourself as a customer or potential customer of the company.

2- Say why you are sending the letter and what is exactly your inquiry. Be brief and punctual. For example if it is about a product in sale, a certain price or characteristics of a specific product.

3- If possible request a meeting with a salesperson or manager, according to the situation.

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