How to write an Explanation Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write an Explanation Letter

We don’t usually need to write explanation letters. This type of letter contains information about incidents or changes inside a company or institution.

Tips and Recommendations

If you must send a letter of this nature, formal and respectful writing is the correct type of writing. The text must be short and clear about the changes or the events. Here’s a simple guide to learn how to write an explanation letter.

1. First write your address and the date in any corner of the letter. It’s common to see this information on the left corner, but you can use the right one too.

2. The next step includes a salutation to all workers or receivers. This part must contain inclusive phrases. Don’t forget to establish the purpose of your letter at the beginning.

3. Finish with a sentence saying what you want the receivers to do or understand. Then add a last line and end the letter with your complete name and signature.

Be sure you read the finished text a couple of times before you send it. Creating explanation letters can be simple, but don’t forget to correct them if it’s necessary. It’s always good to practice formal writing, having that skill can be very useful.

Explanation Letter sample

Explanation Letter