How to write an Eviction Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write an Eviction Letter

With an eviction letter a tenant is requested to abandon a property. It is document by which it is claimed the expulsion of a tenant from a property.

Tips and Recommendations

This may happen for several reasons. On the first hand it can be cause because the tenant has not paid the rent. Other reason is when a tenant assigns the property to another person without the owner’s permission. At the same time, a cause for an eviction letter may be the transformation of the property into a store or because the tenant has caused damage to the building.

If you do not know exactly how to write an eviction letter, here you will find some tips you may follow to write it properly.

1- An eviction letter is sent to the municipal court. You must always be formal and keep a polite language.

2- Point out why you are sending the letter and the reasons of the eviction. Say for example that the tenant did not satisfy the price agreed in the lease dwelling house where he or she lives currently.

3- Then, request the Municipal Court to indicate the day and time for an oral proceeding.

4- The letter must be signed by the applicant or a witness.

Eviction Letter sample

Eviction Letter