How to write an Endorsement Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write an Endorsement Letter

How to write an endorsement letter? This is a question that most of the companies or HR people can answer because they are the receptors when a letter of resignation is received.

Tips and Recommendations

People at HR department must read all the letters that they receive because every employee has the right to renounce to her or his job if they want.

People at HR department must read and analyze the reasons. If you want to know how this letters must be written you can read this little tutorial.

Step 1: The most important thing is to read the reasons why the employee is requesting the end of the contract.

Step 2: After analyzed the letter you have to write the response. Start with the date and location and all the information of the company.

Step 3: Put the employee’s name.

Step 4: Write the answer; present all the considerations, all the information that has been considered for the decision. But regardless the answer, positive or negative, always give a good and clear explanation.

Step 5: You can give the option of a meeting in order to discuss the decision that has been taken.

Step 6: End the letter with HR contact information and a signature of the boss, manager or responsible.

Endorsement Letter sample

Endorsement Letter