How to write an Employment Verification Letter

Brief Introduction

    This type of letters are use to verify that an employee is working with a company. An employment verification letter will offer and employee an official document where it says that he is currently working for and specify company, it will also tell since when he is working there, and if it is require the letter will also inform about his salary.

Who asks?

    Normally banks and landlords ask for an employment verification letter, in the case of a bank, they will ask for it before the grant a loan, of course they need to know how much you earn so they can be sure you are going to pay them back, same with landlords, they need to know if you can pay them, so most of the time is about money.

    Also there are some rare cases where for some reason companies don’t give out reference letters, so they instead give employment verification letters, but those cases are few but they do exist.


For any reason you need to make such letter, you need to follow a very simple guide, those are:

  1. First, like any other formal letter start with the current date.
  2. After the date put your name, follow in the second line by the company name and them the address.
  3. Start the letter with Dear Mr or Ms
  4. The above is follow by the reason of the letter.
  5. After the reason you need to explain in detail the information need it, normally the only information you will need to put is the time the employee has work with your company, this may by follow by a second paragraph explaining what are the responsibilities of the employee.
  6. In the last paragraph you will let the recipient know that he may contact you for more information.
  7. Close the letter with a good bye.


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