How to write an Authorization Letter


The authorization letters are  usually brief and they expressed in a quick and easy way an authorization of an specific person to act on our behalf and which is required to show the national identity card (DNI) of both partners, for example, both the person who authorizes such as the authorized person have to show their DNI card. At the same time the letter must be signed and the signature must match the signature that is reflected in our ID, ​​if it does not match, then the document is not valid. Once the other person has the document in his hands he may seek or take the steps indicated in the authorization letter on our behalf.

What is its function/purpose?

A letter of authorization can be used for many things, from a registration, through the collection of documents or parcels, even something of concrete management. While letters of authorization can be used for banking transactions where a person can be harmed or be accused of a crime.


A letter of authorization must be opened with the city and exact date to continue the direction of the public entity to which it is addressed. Then you put your full name and national identity indicating that you authorize the letter, putting the full name of the person who is authorized and its national identity and in the end indicate of what the person is authorized. To conclude cordially sign off and put your full name and sign the document. While the person who receives it will also sign you a certified copy that he or she has received the letter and that power, which you should save a copy for possible problems or inconveniencies.

This is an example on how the Authorization Letter is written following the above statements on what information and where it has to be written:


authorization letter