How to write an Appeal Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write an Appeal Letter

A letter of appeal is a very useful kind of letter. You are going to write it if you want to appeal the decision of an authority.

Tips and Recommendations

Changingtheir mind is not easy, so you have to have strong arguments. In this article, we will explain how to write a letter of appeal correctly, just keep on reading!

1. It is a formal and legal letter; you have to include your personal information: phone number, ID number, ZIP code. You can also include your phone number or e-mail if you want it.

2. In the beginning of the letter you have to explain what really happened. You have to include all the evidence you have, and any information that you consider that may be important. Try to be as specific as you can with the dates and time.

3. After this, it is recommended to explain why you consider the verdict unfair, and why your appeal should be granted.

4. At the end, you should make a brief conclusion. It is a good idea to summarize all the previous points and say what you want. Finish the letter by thanking for the time given to you, and farewell appropriately.

5. Sign the letter and put your full name below.

Appeal Letter sample

Appeal Letter