How to write a Work Experience Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Work Experience Letter

When you apply for a job many times a previous experience is required.

Tips and Recommendations

Especially if the job requires a lot of technique and skills, so the employers need to know if you can handle certain situations and you have the experience doing the job. To prove your past experience at a certain job you may need to ask for a work experience letter that your former bosses should write in order to hand in next to your resume when applying for a new job or a higher position.

When a person is asked to write a work experience letter he or she must follow some steps in order to make it right and help the candidate to get the job.

1- Try to have a meeting with the candidate before writing. The letter should be rather brief. A very long letter is not welcome.

2- Highlight qualifications and abilities.

3- Write about your job experience with the candidate. Express for how long, the job title and his or her position.

4- If you feel you were not happy about something in particular, for instance misbehavior or a disciplinary incident, say it, but also write about his or her exceptional work qualities. Remember you are trying to help a person to get a job.

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Work Experience Letter