How to write a Withdrawal Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Withdrawal Letter

A withdrawal letter is used to inform our boss that we are going to leave the company for some reason.

Tips and Recommendations

This letter is a voluntary retirement off the company; in this case the company has no obligation to pay us any compensation or bonus. So if we want to write one withdrawal letter and don’t know how to, here we have a “How to write a withdrawal letter”:

Step 1: At the header we should put the name of the receiver, date, and location.

Step 2: Just after receiver’s information we must write the body of the letter that should contain all the important points, for example the reason why we are quitting all the arguments, documentation that can probe all our points. Of course when we send this letter we lose all the benefits that the company can provide us if they fired us like all the compensations.

Step 3: If we are quitting because of the money or workplace conditions, can also add an option or terms that can keep us at the company.

Step 4: Thank for the opportunity at the company, for all the good years.

Step 5: Write a phrase of good bye. End the letter with your name and signature.

Withdrawal Letter sample

Withdrawal Letter