How to write a Warning Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Warning Letter

The company works as a clock and each employee is a piece of that big watch, in order to have a good performance all the employees must work hard, but when one is not doing his/her job one warning letter is necessary;

Tips and Recommendations

if you want to write this kind of letter you have to always read the employee handbook and policies of the workplace, here is one little guide about how to write a warning letter:

1. Review the latest episode in the workplace that is the reason for the letter. Collect information with the supervisor or manager concerning previous or similar incidents.

2. Get a copy of the employee’s personal file and look for past problems at the company. Ask for a copy of the performance, evaluations, disciplinary warnings and attendance record.

3. You have to rest assure to read the procedure manual of the company to know the correct disciplinary sanctions to follow.

4. Make a draft about the steps and the disciplinary sanctions report.

5. Add all the contact information of the HR department email, telephone number, hours, in case that the employee has a question or something to say or discuss.

6. End the letter with all the sanctions, corrections, the company’s name, and the boss signature.

Warning Letter sample

Warning Letter