How to write a Vacation Letter

Brief Introduction

¿How to write a Vacation Letter?

Before you end your vacation plans, first request a vacation based leave of absence from your employer. It is common that companies offer a paid vacation time as a form of benefit of employment.

Whether you request just a few days or weeks, your time off must first get an approval from your supervisor to formally request for a time off for vacations you have to write a letter to your supervisor and you also need to send a copy to the human resources department, then you have to wait for an official approval before you can schedule your traveling plans.

Tips and Recommendations

Here are some other tips before you schedule your traveling plans, ask if your company  requires employees to complete a company time off request form, if it is applicable in this case then by all means include this document with the formal letter with a request to a vacation leave.

Here is an example on how to make a vacation request letter.

Mr.: _____________
President _______________
(here put the name of your employer and your position or that of the person you would have to ask for your vacations)
Reference: vacation

I am writing to ask for my vacations for the year 2013 (or the year that corresponds to you, if you’re asking for the ones that corresponded to you in 2012 then you ask for the vacations of the year 2012)

Such leave will be from the day ______until day ______ inclusive, totaling _____ days (in the spaces put the number of days that you’re asking)

Thanks so much for your time in reading this letter, I look forward to your prompt reply.

xxxxx (Signature)

xxxxxx (put your name)

For this sort of letter you must remember to write it with time so spare and not just in the last minute.

Sample – vacation letter.

vacation leave letter