How to write a Thank you Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a thank you letter

After any job interview is always good to send a thank you letter, on it we will thank for the time the interviewer spend of us.

Tips and Recommendations

Many people may say this is not important or that we don’t need to send this kind of letters, but it’s always good to leave a good impression if we are looking for a job, also the interviewers always will focus on those candidates that look for professional and have the best manners.

Normally many candidates will look for the same job position, many of them may have the requirements for the job, and at this point the interviewer may need a little push so he can pick you instead of the other candidates, so to enforce your current position a thank you letter will help you turn the odds on your favor, this is the best example of the purpose of the thank you letter.

To write a thank you letter we will follow these basic steps.

Return address; this is your own address, follow by the current date.


1234 Light St.
Anywhere, PA 15678
June 10, 2013

Address; Here goes the address of the company, also the name of the interviewer.


CES Corporation
Attention: John Doe
345 State Street
Anywhere, NY 12345

Greetings; Here you will put Dear Mr or Ms and the name of the interviewer.

Dear Mr. Richard Brown:

Main body; this is made of two paragraphs, in the first one you will let him know who you are, the date you when for the interview and the job position you are looking for.

On the second paragraph you will briefly explain you qualifications and you skills, also you will let him know that you are very interest on the job position.

Closure; you will thank him for the time he spend on the interview and the time he spend reading the letter, and for considering you for the job.

Don’t forget to add your name on the bottom of the letter, along with email address and you phone number, and of course, sing the letter.

Thank you Letter Sample

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