How to write a Termination Letter

Brief Introduction

When an employer fires and employee they may chose to do it using a formal letter, in this cases those letters need to have a certain structure, explaining why the termination of the employee.

What’s the Purpose

A termination letter will explain why the employee is being fire, and all the details he needs to know, like the payment he will receive and documents he may get, this will by one type of letter, on others the employer may not explain why he is firing the employee and may not get into any details about the termination, it may only agree to a meeting where he will let the employee know all the details of his termination.

Writing a Termination Letter

  1. To start writing a termination letter we write the address of the company, follow by the phone number, a few lines below we will add the current date.
  2. The next part is the address of the employee, along with his name.
  3. Before the main body of the letter we will add a little introduction, where we will explain the purpose of the letter.
  4. The main body may be compose of only one paragraph, but in this example we will make there so we you can understand better how to make the letter.
  5. On the first paragraph you will let the employee know why the company took the decision to fire him, on this part you may need to get into a few details so he know exactly why the termination.
  6. The second paragraph needs to focus on the details of the payment as compensation for the time he work with the company.
  7. The final paragraph needs to by the closure, here you will thank him for all his work or just a quick good luck phrase.
  8. To finish the letter, you need to put your name, and your current job position along with the company name.


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