How to write a Sympathy Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Sympathy Letter

When a close friend loses a loved one or a family member, it is difficult to express words of support during this difficult time.

Tips and Recommendations

But you need to be present and sometimes, a sympathy letter would be the perfect way to express your support and solidarity. It is not important if you feel you haven’t said the correct words, what matters is the effort and your friend will recognize this. The thing is to write a simple message offering your true and genuine love and affection.

To write a sympathy letter you may follow some steps as mentioned below:

1- Start the letter with a sentence expressing that this is a sympathy letter. For example, you can express how sad you are to hear about your friend’s loss.

2- Say that you are thinking of him or her. Offer your fiend your deepest condolences.

3- Write something related to the diseased, for example something you remember about his or her personality, hobbies, or if possible a shared experience.

4- Offer your friend any kind of help he or she may need.

5- End your letter reminding your friend you are there for him or her and a polite but sensitive salutation.

Sympathy Letter sample

Sympathy Letter