How to write a Sponsorship Letter

Brief Introduction

    Sponsorship letters are use to gain sponsor to join you team and finance you. This type of letters are use to finance projects that cant by done without sponsors, usually people ask for money telling the sponsors that in the future they will get the money back from the result of the projects, just like an investment.


    Before we can make our letter we need to know who will by the recipient, so we can address the letter specially for him, also we need to know about what they do, we can’t just pick a company at random and expect them to send a positive reply, so before we even try to send a letter first let’s see if they have sponsor another project in the past, if so then our odds will by higher.


    Well it’s time to start with our letter, we will make it in some easy steps.

    1.- Our name, name of our organization, address and date, all this in the upper left.

    2.- Name of the recipient, name of his company, address.

    3.- Write Dear Mr or Ms.

    4.- Main body, it can be made up of many paragraphs, all depends of the details you want to give.

    The first paragraph we will write a brief explanation of our letter.

    In the following paragraphs we will add all the information that the recipient needs to know so he can accept our request of sponsorship.

    On the last paragraph we will thank the recipient for the time he spend and for the decision he will make.

    5.- We will close the letter with our signature along with the position we hold in our organization.

Remember to check the letter for any mistakes, a well done letter may win us that sponsorship.


sponsorship letter