How to write a Shipment Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Shipment Letter

A shipment letter is the letter that is usually used by traders to advertise in a written form the content packages or shipments made. To do this, you have to write it in a very descriptive way expressing the products that will be shipping, the quantity of units and important or relevant data from each unit.

Tips and Recommendations

At the same time it is important that the shipment letter contains our personal information or the information of the company sending the letter, along with the exact date that it was sent, preferably the same day as the letter is done, in order to avoid potential problems and discrepancies with the consignee. Upon receiving that document they cannot claim if the package arrives outside the scheduled date, as is a thing of the company or person providing the transport and sent to state that he made ​​on the date indicated.

The shipment letters have clear structures and guidelines to follow so that you can always write them well. And the first thing you must do is indicate the person or company that sends and the address. Then you can put the reference number, customer name that receives this letter and the postal code sent by the destination town. You must continue with the date and start writing with: Dear Sir and letting them know your order with number X was sent with the following products. Now is the time to give the name of each of the products and the exact amount of each is sent.

In closing day is intended to indicate that the estimated received cordially and say goodbye to close with your name and signature.

Shipment Letter Sample

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