How to write a Sales Letter

Sales letters are use to try to convince a person to buy an specific product.

What is a sales letter and why is so important?

A sells letter is the most important element for selling a product, the sales letter contains all the details of the product that is being offered by the seller, for example when someone dedicates a web page to promote information about products or services that are being offered, that information has the mission to convince the visitor of the web page to buy the product or service that is currently being offered, a sales letter is the key to sell, it’s like a presentation letter.

What can you obtain with a good sales letter?

You can have a product sell at a massive rate, you can also start a good promotion campaign to obtain better sells of an specific region and you can get thousands and thousands of visits to your web page, you could offer different types of paying methods like PayPal, etc. to make your service or product a lot more accessible, it’s also necessary that the sales letter is effective, this means that it has to be capable of converting visitors into buyers. If your sales letter is not effective then all your hard work into promoting your products would mean nothing.


Usually there are some Web sites that make the mistake of showing a picture of the product with the price, a button or shopping cart. They think they are doing the right thing but they are actually committing a grave error. This is not the best way to sell products or services online. A professional sales letter is guaranteed to increase all of the sales of your products or services do not become one of these Web sites that lose a huge amount of money by not having available a sales letter that can convert interested visitors into buyers.


Now that we know all the details about the sales letter we can start to make one in some easy steps.

In the upper left part we will write.

    – Our company name with our address and the current date.
    – The recipient name along with his address.

Tips and Steps

We will start the letter with a Dear Mr or Ms.

    In the first paragraph we will make sure the recipient needs our product, we will explain that there are times where he may need it.

    On the second paragraph we will explain in detail our product, and all the benefits he provides.

    To close the letter we can thank the recipient for his time and we will sign the letter.

Sample of Sales Letter

sales letter