How to write a Request Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Request Letter

A Request Letter is written to meet the need of a person or entity against another person or entity, in which the main objective is to seek or make a request that can meet the following guidelines:

Information about prices.
Request for product catalogs.
Request for information
Request for a favor in particular.
Requesting a meting

Those are only a few examples, of course there are many other that may need a letter of request.

Tips and Recommendations

The way of writing request letters is always made ​​according to the sender, and since our participation is to ask or request, we will do so always with the utmost respect and education, but remember the recipient of the letter may not want to do what you request, so is very important that you carefully pick the words you are going to write, so the letter may accomplish its purpose.

We will also talk about the importance of gratitude, you have to thank in advance for what you ask this is a common formality in writing letters, and in this case it’s even more important to say thanks to the recipient.

This is an example of how the letter of request is written in the most simple and formal way:

Kevin Souverville Wayne

27060 – Madrid

Phone: 91 8422222


P º Concordia, 120, 5th I

Attentively: Sales Department

29012 – Madrid

Madrid, June6, 2010

Dear Mr.: ___________

We have received the catalog that you sent along with your price list and offers of the latest credit management packages.

Our insurance company is planning to increase the number of policies in our offices. To this end, I have proposed the purchase of 21 additional packages to have some to spare.

The referenced model 11223 A, on page 43 of their catalog interests me.

However, I would like a different format than the one presented in the corresponding tab. would it be possible to receive some samples of the loan contracts that are not tagged in your catalog?

In case that we buy from you large amounts of credit packages, what will be the delivery time and payment arrangements?

Thank you in advance for your quick response, sincerely yours truly.


Kevin Souverville Wayne


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