How to write a Reference Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Reference Letter

In order to get a job a candidate needs to hand in some important documentation such as a proper resume or a certificate of a certain course completed or a degree. But, most important, he o she should provide a reference letter.

Tips and Recommendations

This will work as a cover letter and will be the first contact the candidate will have with the new employer.

A former employer is the one who would write a reference letter recommending the candidate. To write a reference letter in a proper way, just follow the steps explained below:

1- Make sure you have a copy of the person’s resume and know his or her accomplishments. Start by saying all the positive aspects the candidate has. It is always recommended to have a previous conversation with the person.

2- The first paragraph of the letter should explain your connection with the person recommended. Then say why you are qualified to write this reference letter.

3- The second paragraph (and further ones) will contain all the necessary information regarding the person’s qualifications.

4- Do not forget to include positive skills and abilities required to get the job. Do not include anything that is not expected, it is better to be brief and not to exaggerate aspects.

Reference Letter sample

Reference Letter