How to write a Recommendation Letter

Brief Introduction

    The recommendation letter is a very important document that all people need to have when they go out looking for a new job, in it, people they work for or ourselves express how good we are doing our job.

The Point

    The first thing you need to know about recommendation letters, is that you can’t just make them without following a certain structure, all recommendation letters involve common elements that we need to know before we start to write one.

    The point of this important piece of paper is to transmit information about a certain person, this can be us, or an employ, and it also can by for a new job or school, each is different, because on any of those cases you are trying to express different qualities.

How to Write this letter?

  1. Well, now we will focus on how to make a recommendation letter for a new job following a very easy structure.
  2. First, we identify the purpose of the letter, if the person asking for it is looking for a certain job, then we focus on that job description, expressing the qualities of that person on that type of job, to know this you will need to talk sometime with that person so you get a chance to know his qualities.
  3. When starting to write the letter you will start with your address, follow with the date written in words, below that we place the address of the recipient, this is the basic business letter format.
  4. Start with introducing yourself in a very short way, for example, who you are and what position you hold in your job, and the relation you have with the candidate of the letter.
    On the next paragraph you will explain the letter candidate current job position, salary, and the time that he was working with you.
  5. The next paragraph you need to write a little about the candidate successes on his current job, all the times he has proven his high qualities, but don’t exaggerate about him, just a quick note.
  6. The final paragraph needs to be the end of the letter, on it you will close with a positive note, like “for all this reason we think (name of the candidate) is perfect to carry out the requested job” and inform that you will be open for further details about him.


    Some very important tips, don’t forget to use words like:
    Dear Ms, Dear Sir or Madam
    And to close the letter use words like:
    Best regards, sincerely, yours faithfully and thank you.


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