How to write a Recommendation for Student

Brief Introduction

How to write a Recommendation for Student

In some particular situations students need a recommendation from a professor (for example for a scholarship). We will explain you how to write a recommendation letter for a student, just keep on reading!

Steps and Tips

1. Explain the porpoise of the letter. Be short, clear and polite. This kind of letters usually are shorts and succinct.

2. Introduce the student that you are going to recommend. You have to include the affiliation or the relationship that you have with this person. If you consider it necessary, you can introduce yourself also (but remember that is a letter about your student, not about yourself.)

3. Talk about the skills of the student. This is the most important part of the letter, so do your best, but do not lie or exaggerate because it will be a big problem for the student in the future. You can also include some detail information about grades and rewards achieved by your student.

4. You can finish your letter with a little conclusion, repeating the aspects that you consider most interesting and relevant of your student.

5. At the end of the letter you have to put your full name and signature.

Using the before mentioned tips, you will be in perfect conditions to write your own recommendation letter.

Recommendation for Student sample

Recommendation for Student