How to write a Query Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Query Letter

The query letter is the kind of letter that the most important aims is to request information about a particular topic, for example do a query on a particular topic.

Tips and Recommendations

This type of letter is used more commonly in the field of labor and industry, because they are used more often to request information on different topics, such as product information, inquiries on pricing, on the particular characteristics of the goods or the offer, also made inquiries about the estimated time for delivery of the goods, in short, everything that is related to a product.

Besides the query letter is very similar to a quote request or a proposal, as well as those above, the query letter is a form of communication in which information is requested on a product in order to know their advantages, features, and then be able to choose between the alternatives.

To write a query letter you should request the information in a clear and simple way, request additional data, price quotation, sometimes it requires a demonstration of the product, etc….

To begin writing the letter you should indicate where the writing and the date weremade. Then continue with a brief indication of whom it is addressed, express in detail that you want to request information and what type of information is that you want. At the same time you can make the occasional question or concerns that you have so that they can help resolve your concern of the product and also provide you with information. Once you have everything well prepared and are confident that you have no further questions or queries, you say goodbye using phrases like “I remain, I remain yours,” and express our behalf so that when we respond to our request for can send information to us.

At the same time we must keep in mind that the writing of a query letter does not commit us to anything and if finally the product or information does not convince us we are not obligated to buy.

Query Letter Sample

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