Writing a Query Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Query Letter

Query letters are formal letters that writers send to big companies, magazine editors, literary agents or publishing houses.

Tips and Recommendations

This letters are used by the writers to propose writing ideas, for example a new book, ideas for a magazine, newspaper, etc. Here we have some steps about how to write a query letter:

Step 1: First of all, you must describe the topic of your work, this step sometimes is called “the hook”, since a hook is used to “hook” something, in this case the reader’s interest. This hook must be concise but interesting because if our work don’t sound or seems interesting for the other person then he or she will not read our entire letter.

Step 2: Write a short description of all your work, this must be a like a summary. The advice is don’t exceed 300 or 400 words.

Step 3: Easier step, write a short bio of the author. Including date of birth, where did you born, if you have won any prize, where did you study (school and university).

Step 4: Mention the target audience to which the book is focused.

Step 5: Make the closure. First give thanks to the reader for taking consideration your work, add contact information in case the want to publish or discuss something about your work.

Query Letter sample

Query Letter