How to write a Promotion Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Promotion Letter

If you are looking for a new job, you should try sending a promotion letter.

Tips and Recommendations

This type of letter contains information about yourself and a couple of your professional skills or abilities. The letter must be sent to the leader of the area you want to become part of. The text has to be short and clear about your goals and education grades reached. Here’s a simple guide to learn how to write a promotion letter.

1. First write your address and the date on a corner of the letter. It’s common to see this information on the left corner, but you can use the right one too. Then add a formal salutation with the name and title of the receiver.

2. The next step includes writing the purpose of your letter and the information you want to share.

3. Add your resume’s file. The letter should be structured in paragraphs.

4. Finish with a respectful salutation. Don’t forget to write a last line with your complete name and your signature.
Be sure you read the finished text a couple of times before you send it. Remember to correct the letter if it’s necessary. It’s always better to send promotion letters than just resumes.

Promotion Letter sample

Promotion Letter