How to write a Professional Reference Letter

Brief Introduction

    Sending a professional reference letter means that you had a positive experience working with someone and you want to testify this to a company to help your work mate to get a new job. In many cases, these letters are the first step in business relationships.

Tips and Recommendations

    Here’s a simple guide for those who need to know how to write a professional reference letter.

    1. Put your address and the date in the upper right corner of the letter. Be brief; don’t try to impress the receiver with long words. Feel free to use any style but remain respectful. The salutation must be formal.

    2. The text should contain the receiver’s complete name and titles. Establish the candidate work skills and his academic grades. Write some sentences about your work experience with him.

    3. Finish with a sentence saying what the candidate wants to accomplish in the company. Write your name and sign the paper.
    Professional reference letters help the companies to select future workers by their verified skills. Using a respectful writing is very important in this type of letters. Remember to read the finished letter several times to search for mistakes. Correct the parts you don’t like and try different writing styles.


Professional Reference Letter