How to write a Permission Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Permission Letter

The letter of permission is exactly what the name stands for, it’s a letter where we request a permission and provide details about what type of permission we are requesting, why we are requesting it and when.

Tips and Recommendations

The letter of permission is often used in our work to ask for personal day-offs, vacations, extra hours, or any other thing that cannot be done in our work schedule. But we have to have in mind that a letter of permission does not have anything to do with days of paternity, medical, burials or official acts in which you present proof. Sometimes the letters of permission are used when we are referring to an institution or municipality when we want to use a public place. Once the message is clear of what it is and for what it will be used, we need to write it correctly because it depends whether or not they will give us our requested permission.

To write a good letter of permission we must first indicate from where we are writing it and also the current date. Once it is done we must make sure to write down to whom it is addressed the letter of permission and now we can begin to write where first of all we need to indicate who is requesting the permission and what type of permission is being requested. Once this is all clear we can proceed to explain why we are requesting that permission and when we need it to carry out and once it is all written you have to conclude with a “Therefore, we request permission to …” and always say goodbye with thanks in advance. Here is an example of how the letter of permission is written in a very simple way to request permission:

permission letter Sample

permission letter