How to write a Opinion Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Opinion Letter

There are different ways and reasons to write an opinion letter. First, the most common motive is to express a personal thought about a particular issue.

Tips and Recommendations

Usually these types of letters are sent to newspapers so they can be read by the community. But sometimes there are opinion letters of professional people such as doctors, scientists or people with a lot of knowledge, and they will try to give a warning or a message to the society.

Lawyers can also write opinion letters to provide a legal framework. Here are some simple steps to write an opinion letter:

1) The opinion letters must be concise, short and direct. Especially if you are going to publish an opinion letter in a graphic magazine or paper, publishers tend to cut words off, so you have to write directly.

2) The first thing to do in an opinion letter is to explain who we are, what we do as professionals and what kind of experience supports our work. Give your matriculation numbers if you have any.

3) In the second paragraph you need to go straight to the point in question, and give your opinion clearly so that it cannot be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

4) Finally say goodbye warmly and provide some sort of conclusion to help readers.

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