How to write a Notice to Vacate Letter

Brief Introduction

    If you want to move into other building, apartment, state, etc. in order to notice to the manager or landlord you can write a notice to vacate letter, this kind of letter was created for this purpose. You can notify with one or two months, most of the cases will be 60 days that depends on what says on the contract.


    Here you have some steps in your way to how to write a notice to vacate letter:

    Step 1: Write the date

    Step 2: Your first and second name.

    Step 3: Actual address.

    Step 4: Write the reason why are you writing “Notice to vacate”.

    Step 5: Write in a warm greeting for example: “Dear”, “appreciated”, “estimate” or something like that followed by the name of the landlord or manager.

    Step 6: At this step you have to write the reason why are you leaving, also for the record write that the letter must be send, as the contract says, within 30 or 60 days before you move.

    Step 7: Place your contact information like telephone number, email something that helps in case that they need to ask for some information or talk about terms of termination, etc.

    Step 8: Put your name and some closure word like god bye, see you soon.


Notice to Vacate Letter