Memorandum Letter

Brief Introduction

    Memorandum originally means “something that you have to remember”. It is very common to see them in offices or in some particular parts of the government. If you want to write one, read this article and you will be ready for this!


    1. At the beginning, indicate who write the memo (your name or the name of the company, but usually you will have to put both of them) and to whom the letter is addressed. Also you have to include the date, it is very important!

    2. Memos are short and brief. Express clearly the porpoise of the memo. Use an appropriate vocabulary, be as formal as you can and do not go into details if they are not strictly necessary.

    3. Explain detail the solutions or actions that you or your company thinks that are the correct ones. You can include some evidence here and any other information that you have like charts or graphics. Remember that the information that you include has to be relevant, especially in memorandums which are not too long.

    4. At the end you can express your solidarity and optimism; this is always a good idea. Finish with your full name, the name of the company and you signature.

Sample of Memorandum Letter

Memorandum Letter