How to write a Letter

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter in five easy steps.

Letters are still and important part of our way of life, most of all in the business area, where formality prevails, this is why we need to know how to make a basic letter, in case we ever need it.

Tips and Recommendations

We will now show how to make a letter in five easy steps.

– First step

The identification of the recipient

Every single letter requires information that identifies who sends it and who receives it

The one who opens the card ( letter ) aims mainly to answer the question “who?” , so he wants to know quickly who you are, so on the top right you write that information so it will be the first thing you will read when opening the letter

Your company name (if required)

Name (your position in the company)

Contact information, such as postal address or e-mail, telephone, fax, etc. … and in some cases indicate required information such as the customer number or member number in case there is linkage.

– Second step

Time and Place

The recipient that opens the letter will want to know fast who send it, from where, and when, this information is written below previews information (step one) but in the left side.

– Third step

Identification of the one that will open the letter or recipient

In another paragraph, under the date and also on the left, indicate the recipient information of the card. In this case we should avoid writing contact details because they are supposed to be known details, simply bring the company name (if applicable), followed by the recipient’s name (if known), and the position held or  the department he belongs to. Many times it is not known who is the person in charge and the letter bears the recipient a department.

– Fourth step

Paragraph of the matter

Now that you know who will read the letter we will explain in a clear and brief way our business; try using the “you”, without falling into excessive formalism as “Excellency” “I beg” … etc.

– The fifth and final step

The farewell

To make it easier, the best is a short and cordial farewell.

Letter Sample

how to write a letter