How to write a letter to the Three Kings

A simple way to make a letter to the kings

First of all put in your letter the truth, try to always tell the truth because the “kings” know almost everything that you do, so it’s better to say openly that you have not done well and that you also recognize that so you propose to improve and you’re going to make an effort next year, but don’t lie to the Magic Kings, they are usually very sympathetic to children who speak the truth.

Tips and Recommendations

Secondly think about others, don’t just ask the kings for toys and more toys, but also for your brothers and your best friends, ask for good things for your parents, your family and the world, and do not hesitate to ask your friends and family to ask for you.

Think about the gifts for you and ask them things that you do not get tired of quickly, thinks that you really like. The best gifts and toys aren’t always the most expensive. A useful thing is that you explain to the Magic Kings in your letter why do you want that gift and what will you do with it once you have it.

Your letter to the three kings should be understandable because the might be reading lots and lots of letters and if you don’t write your name or gifts right they might get confused, so ask your parents or older brothers to help you write the letter.

The sooner you write your letter the better.
It’s very important not to forget your name and where you live like for example:

Your city and date

Dear Kings:

How have you done and what you want for others

Whatever you want to write to the kings


Your name here

The address where you live here

Example, Sample – Design and images of letter to the kings.

letter to the three kings