How to write a Letter of Wishes

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Wishes

This letter is written by a person who wants to write the terms of his or her trust or final will.

Tips and Recommendations

A letter of wishes serves to set a legal relationship between a client or settlor and a trustee or trustees. The settler transfers some or all of his or her assets to the trustee or trustees for a specific reason or aim.

This letter works to make an arrangement between the two parties. The settler gives guidance to de trustees as to manage benefits and beneficiaries, according to what was settled in the letter. It can be considered a draft for a legal adviser’s consideration.

Here are some aspects as to how to write a letter of wishes in a proper way:

1- It is not possible to restrict the trustees’ discretion as to change the beneficiaries you choose but you can give them certain guidance.

2- If you want to add additional wishes, include all the details.

3- Write on the right top corner of the letter the name and contact information of the settlor. Then, leave a space and do the same on the left side with the name and information of the trustee.

4- Write the proper date and then proceed to express your wishes. Include details and specific information about all the people involved.

Letter of Wishes sample

Letter of Wishes