How to write a letter of Transmittal

Brief Introduction

How to write a letter of Transmittal

Many circumstances can encourage you to apply for a job transfer within the company to other department. You can write a transmittal letter, that is the most appropriate way to ask in the world of business.

Tips and Recommendations

If you don’t know how to write a letter of transmittal, we advise you to follow the next few steps:

1. Greet your employer with a formal greeting such as “Dear Mrs. Benson, Good morning Mr. Stevenson, etc.” Write an paragraph where you thank for the opportunity that they gave you in the actual position at the company, say that you enjoy your actual job and you want to grow up at the company so and want to request an internal transfer

2. Write the body of the letter explaining the reasons for the request. Always keep a positive attitude and be respectful in all the explanation. You can highlight some points that can be benefit for the company or can improve your performance.

3. Write a concluding paragraph and ask how you could continue discussing the matter (as a call, meeting in person). Thank your employer for the time and the consideration, use a formal closing such as “sincerely” and put your name and signature.

letter of Transmittal sample

Letter of Transmittal