How to write a Letter of Support

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Support

If you need to write a letter of support is probably because someone needs your help.

Tips and Recommendations

This kind of letter show the receiver your loyalty. Writing letters of support is very important in business relationships. Here’s a guide for those who want to know how to write a letter of support.

1. First you have to write our address and the date on any upper corner of the letter. The text should be structured in short paragraphs. Professionals prefer using a block style for the complete text. For an informal letter you can use any style.

2. The right way to begin the support letter is writing a salutation. This part must contain the receiver’s name. Don’t forget to establish the purpose of your letter clearly.

3. Finish with a sentence saying what you want to accomplish by contacting the receiver. Then add a line with the word “Sincerely” with your complete name and signature.

To be loyal to friends in hard situations is usually the best way to show our feelings. Look for mistakes and correct the parts you don’t like. Informal writing is the clue in this type of letters. Don’t forget to read the letter once or twice before send it.

Letter of Support sample

Letter of Support