How to write a Letter of Responsibility

Brief Introduction

The letter of responsibility is the document in which the person who writes it makes a commitment to be responsible for the things that can happen to him, this can by financial or injuries.


Usually, this type of letter is used to exempt a company from harm or damage that may be caused to their customers, for example in a shooting competition, or in extreme sports, bungee jumping, skydiving, and others, in which the customer is always responsible for the damage he can caused to himself.

Before making a dangerous sport the person is ask to sign this type of letters of responsibility.

Other cases in which you need a letter of responsibility:

* For the registration of certain Internet domains.
* For the payment of a monthly fee for credits or tuition fees.
* Charter’s expense. Similar to the previous case.
* Letter from civil and criminal liability


Here is an example letter of responsibility that a person must read and sign prior to use firearms in a private company. The company in charge of offering courses through the use of these cards is absolved of any charges in case any customer self-injury or causes damage to a third party.

Madrid, October 12, 2009

I, Antonio Garcia, single and living in Madrid, in the vineyard of the sun street No 33, and identity card number: 542138945-XX declared by this letter:

I take responsibility for any injuries and damages caused both to me and to another running on the premises. Similarly, I am responsible for the proper use of weapons and the rest of the furniture, which should cause damage or malfunction, with my own answer to do the repairs. Also assume the responsibility to respect environmental laws and swear not to shoot any animal that appears in the outer parts of the site.

I take full responsibility for both of these facts to the association of target practice “EASY SHOOTING CLUB” as well as partners and owners of the facilities, and I promise to appear in court assuming my responsibility in this present act. And for the record I sign:

(Signature) (Seal of the club)

letter of responsibility