How to write a Letter of Resignation

Brief Introduction

When we are about to quit our job, some companies may ask us for a formal letter where we inform them about our resignation, so all the proper documentation may get started so when that glorious day comes all is ready.


It’s very easy to make a letter of resignation, so we will explain the basics on how to write a simple letter of voluntary resignation letter for a company.

According to the voluntary recall the letter must contain a header in which will be adding the date and the person to whom the letter is going to be addressed.

A brief explanation of the reason for the letter , arguing in each case the reasons of why we abandoned work, always do so in a voluntary basis, and alluding to the legal terms which cover for each region and/or country.

And finally a paragraph of thanks for their spared time and for the opportunity given by the company or employer. A parting shot is sufficient and in the end of the document our sign.

Sample Written

Here is an example of how to write a retirement letter or resignation letter from a worker.

San Diego CA., March 12, 2009

Mr.: _______________

I thank you for your trust representing and selecting me for the job of cleaning toilets in bathrooms Good Views SL

As I discussed in the last interview with you last week, was involved in other new applications and selection processes. I am sorry but last Tuesday irrevocably accepted the offer that raised me Dirty Bathrooms S.A,and yesterday I started as a cleaner at the facility. The company offered me a personally enriching payment. Too bad I’ve already committed, because of arriving a few days before his offer, at this time I would be cleaning the bathrooms of Good Views. Anyway, I do not rule out the possibility of returning to work for you in the next season.

Again thank you for your attention during the selection, and I reaffirm my satisfaction that results from receiving your offer.

Without further ado, I take my leave.




letter of resignation