How to write a Letter of Purpose

Brief Introduction

How to write a Letter of Purpose

When we want to write a letter to explain to someone our intentions we can search for tutorials about How to write a letter of purpose.

Tips and Recommendations

Because this letters can be used for multiple purposes like when we are looking for a job, admission at university or just in case that we want to express our intention in any situation. Anybody can write this type of letter, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: First you have to let the recipient known why you are applying for the university, school or company, for example if your are applying for a job you can write that you are very interesting in what they work what they do you have heard that the company is very recognized.

Step 2: You have to be very concise; this is because in some places like when you are applying for a loan, for a visa they receive tons of formal letters of purpose and if you want to be taken into account.

Step 3: In some cases you can use this letter as introduction or as a cover if they request things like technical documentation.

Step 4: Always be very polite and make sure to give thanks although they haven’t gave you what you are looking for.

Letter of Purpose sample

Letter of Purpose